March 2009

If you liked thepreviously announced national HOMEBUYER TAX CREDIT program for first time buyers~~ which includes anyone who hasn’t owned a home (primary residence) in the past 3 years ~how about enhancing the program to the next degree! Call ia a “potential double opportunity” WOW!!!

Buyers who close on a home purchses in OHIO aftere March 23, 2009 may be able to add this benefit to home affordaility~The Ohio Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program. But ist’s limited to the firt (approx) 1000 homebuyers in OHIO who take advantage of this program That could last 2-3 months or longer First come Fisst Serve.


When we decide as the public that based upon our jobs and income; that we can afford home ownership, that is when housing will make an upward swing in Miami County. Everyone needs to live somewhere. The tax advantages of home ownership are many. You receive no tax benefit from being a renter. Make sure your credit is healthy explore your options with a local lender and then pick your own Realtor who can show you everything the market has to offer. Just make your mind up that this is the year of homeownership for you regardless of politics or CNN. Miami County, Troy, Piqua Tipp City and the surrounding communities have much to offer. Take advantage of the great opportunities.

There is several reason we all buy something.  One of the biggest reasons is we all need a place to live.  Correct!  Home ownership gives you that PLUS, tax advantages, pride of ownership, and investing long term in your future.  Sure prices are low but there is a turn coming locally, California where this housing started to rupture, prices are on the increase.  As the coastal states go then the Midwest follows.  I say NOW to buying because we have never seen such and abundant supply of homes and historically low intest rates.

Please challenge me with a different opion on why now is not the best time ever to buy a home in Piqua, Troy or Tipp City?

Please use our team to help you locate a reputablelender who will explain your questions on loans.   It is imperative that the lender get your permission to check your credit and give you a good faith estimate that will show your costs to acquire the loan.  The best resource in finding a credible lender is a REALTOR with loads of experience in real estate sales.   You can look at many homes and go through the experience BUT you must have concrete financing in place to purchase a home in this market.  Wanda Powers and Cyndie Scott are licensed Realtors with loads of Real World experience!  Choose a Realtor who has your best interest at heart and will guide you through the process from viewings to “here is your key!”